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Welcome to GHardy Tours, the group travel specialist and luxury travel company devoted to providing unforgettable travel experiences with customizable school trips, group itineraries, and family vacations. Our unparalleled knowledge of luxury travel destinations, developed over 35 years in the industry, allows us to provide an exclusive and intimate experience that no one else can match.

What makes
GHardy Tours different

What's unique about travelling with GHardy Tours is our in-depth knowledge of the destinations we offer. We have intimate knowledge of all our travel locations and have mapped out every step between recommended destinations and sites.

We meticulously inspect hotels, visit restaurants, taste menus, experience activities, and meet guides, so when we build your student tour, group trip, or luxury vacation, it is with the utmost confidence that you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.

What truly sets us apart from other travel agents is our passion for providing top-notch customer service and creating memorable travel experiences for our clients anywhere in the world. 

For the past three decades, our team of travel consultants has travelled across the globe, exploring new cultures and finding out-of-the-way, unique travel experiences that can be tailored to each client’s needs, wants, wishes, and budget. This allows us to provide a more creative, flexible, in-depth, and thorough service better than anyone else. 

A narrow, cobblestone street in Italy with historic buildings.
Sharing our passions with others is what makes the journey that much more enjoyable


We know Destinations

We have intimate knowledge of all our travel locations.



We meticulously inspect hotels, restaurants, menus, activities, and guides.


Memorable Experiences

Travel experiences that are tailored to client’s needs, wants, wishes, and budget.

Unforgettable travel experiences you can count on.

You’re embarking on a journey that will be remembered for a lifetime. Trust GHardy Tours to provide the travel experience you deserve.

Why we are the top choice for bespoke travel.

Our unique approach to planning transformative experiences ensures our clients gain more than just a vacation: they come away with a greater understanding of the world, their place in it, and how the journey has enriched their lives.

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Our top International destinations.

Greece & Islands

After exploring some of antiquity’s greatest monuments in Athens, soak up the famous Mediterranean lifestyle on idyllic islands like Crete, Mykonos and Santorini.

Classic Civilizations: Greece & Italy

Greece and Italy are the two cradles of Classical Civilization, where history, art, and culture come to life against a backdrop of ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes.


Unearth the enchantment of "Essential Egypt," a voyage into a realm where ancient marvels and timeless enigmas converge in a land rich with history and culture.

European Capitals: London, Paris, & Rome

Vibrant London’s incredible history is just the gateway to the United Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage of castles, kings, conflict… and much more!

Age of Exploration:
Portugal & Spain

Delve into the stunning and diverse Spanish culture with an eye-opening and uplifting tour through museums, festivities, and all there is to love about Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

Disney World & Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is a city where dreams come to life, and at its heart lies the crown jewel of family entertainment: Disney World.
Imagine planning your group getaway without any hassle.
Imagine planning your group getaway without any hassle.

Unbeatable Group Travel Expertise

Imagine planning your group getaway without any hassle.

GHardy Tours offers something you won’t find with the average travel agent — a comprehensive, full-service experience that takes your group on an unforgettable journey. With years of group travel experience, we know how to make sure every detail is accounted for, so all you have to do is enjoy the holidays.

We offer amazing travel experiences for groups of all types. Whether you are part of a yoga group, wine club, religious community, or sports team, GHardy Tours is here to customize the perfect getaway tailored just for you. From city breaks to beach escapes, GHardy Tours offers a variety of group travel options perfect for any occasion.

Historical Culture Tour
Explore some of the world’s most fascinating sites and learn about their history in an interactive and immersive way.
Cultural Exchange Trip
Visit exotic destinations and engage with authentic local cultures by participating in traditional activities and exchanging ideas with locals.
Nature Appreciation Retreat
Reconnect with nature through hiking, bird watching, camping or kayaking on an outdoor adventure that will make you fall in love with the outdoors all over again.
Culinary Wine Tour
Sample the finest culinary delights and sip wines from top producers from different parts of the world as you learn unique recipes from experienced chefs and enjoy delicious food tours.
Wellness Vacation
Revitalize body and mind through yoga, meditation, spa treatments and other therapeutic activities while exploring some amazing destinations around the globe.
Active Adventures
Get physically and mentally fit through activities like skiing, paragliding or snorkelling in some of the most spectacular places on earth. 

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