Algonquin Park Canoe and Camping Trip

Summer Expedition to Ontario’s Premiere Provincial Park! This backcountry camping and canoe trip is an ideal program for teens, group of friends, or family vacation while staying close to home in Ontario this summer.

An amazing Algonquin Park canoe trip exploring the lakes and rivers of beautiful northern Ontario! Experience the iconic landscape while acquiring valuable skills to travel in the Canadian backcountry under the mentorship of expert wilderness instructors.

Unplug and get in touch with the stunning nature in Ontario’s northern backyard!

To register please email [email protected] for registration and payment information.


June/July 2023

  • Contact [email protected] to register for these dates, discuss a bespoke private camping group departure for your “bubble”, or ask any questions
  • If you are in a social bubble with another family or group of friends, please feel free to email us for custom dates.


Starting from $1,595.00 per person + HST
(based on a minimum of 8 participants)

Why Choose This Program

  • Learn how to thrive in the Canadian wilderness while having an unforgettable adventure
  • Earn two skill-based certifications – Wilderness Camping Certification & Introduction to Lake Skills certification (issued through Paddle Canada  hyper link to: These are nationally recognized standards that are resume worthy.
  • Achieve Bronze and Silver Practice Trip and Adventurous Journey designations for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. (Optional)
  • Unplug and disconnect. Take a technology break!
  • Gain confidence and wilderness skills
  • Fully immerse in nature!
  • Make new friends and connections. This program is open to all Ontario high school students (ages 14-18 years old). Multiple expeditions will be organized according to participant ages.
  • High calibre instructors who are seasoned Outdoor Professionals and wilderness Guides. They are experts at living, teaching and travelling in the wilderness. 

What Is Included

  • Wilderness Guides (who are national life-guard certified and trained as wilderness first responders and Paddle Canada certified Instructors)
  • All fees and permitting within Algonquin Provincial park 
  • Certification instruction and fees: Wilderness Camping Certification and Lake Skills Certification through Paddle Canada 
  • Camping Gear/Expedition Equipment: tents, stoves, sleeping bags and pads, tarps, canoes, paddles canoe packs, cookware.
  • Safety gear (P.F.D.’s professional series First Aid Kits and Satellite phone)
  • All meals and snacks from lunch on Day 1 until mid-morning snack on Day 6
  • Satellite phone that will accompany the group (there is no cell phone reception in Algonquin Provincial Park)

What Is Not Included

  • Transportation to and from Algonquin Provincial Park 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze or Silver sign off – the instructors are official Evaluators for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and this program can be facilitated to include the requirements for both a Practice Trip and Adventurous Journey designations as part of the 6 day roll out.  This add-on can be included for an additional $125 per student.
  • Anything not listed in the “included” section or in the itinerary below

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit: $200.00.00 due by February 1, 2021. Balance due April 1, 2021.
  • Email [email protected] to receive registration instructions.
  • Covid-19 Cancellation Terms: In the event a participant has to cancel the trip for any reason, a credit for future use will be given. If the trip is cancelled due to Covid-19, Ontario Provincial lockdowns, or other measures under the State of Emergency then a credit for future use will be given. All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing to Georgia Hardy Tours Inc.

Charges for cancellation will be as follows:

  • Deposit: non-refundable 
  • Final Payment date + 1 day: 100% of the tour price is non-refundable

Daily Breakdown

5 Nights/6 Days

Day 1: 

Meet at the launching point for the Algonquin Park adventure – Magnetawan Lake and get acquainted with their travel companions and guide/instructor.  After a delicious shore lunch on the threshold of the park, your instructor will acquaint you with some of the essential skills for traveling in the back-country and will ensure that all gear is squared away, waterproofed, and ready for action.

The first day of their adventure will include hands-on workshops addressing paddling technique, portaging, fire-making and back-country cooking.  Regardless of experience level, the programme will be tailored to deepen skills under the tutelage of wilderness leadership specialists.

We will travel to the first beautiful lake in our circuit to make our camp and the day will conclude with an incredible meal prepared over a roaring fire, a swim in a pristine lake and the chance to socialize fire-side while taking in the powerful ambience of northern Ontario.

Day 2:

Awaken to mist-shrouded lakes and birdsong in the midst of a paddler’s paradise.  We will prepare a delicious and hearty breakfast on the grill along with hot beverages and then pack up camp as we strike out for yet another incredible destination.  We will paddle and portage into “moose country” as we get off the beaten path and further away from the casual travellers and “weekend warriors”.

Today you will dive deeper into the techniques required to carve canoes through the water, how to start fires without any matches, and the foundations of mindful living and bush craft.

Later this afternoon, we will make our way to another stunning campsite on the shores of a gorgeous northern lake and set up camp using practical skills learned from the instructors. A delicious dinner will be served up by the lakeside and we will have a chance to take in the incredible amplified night sky before turning in for the night.

Day 3:

Day 3 is when the group so often finds its stride as everyone begins to grow more comfortable with the familiar routines and the skills of backcountry living.  Today we arrive at our most secluded destination and are most likely here to see many forms of local wildlife such as: moose, deer, eagles, herons and beavers. We camp tonight on a quiet jewel of a lake and enjoy the opportunity to feel truly immersed in the natural world.

This evening, we take part in an Iron Chef challenge, have a rejuvenating swim and enjoy a gourmet communal supper. This will serve as the “base-camp location” for our lay-over day the following morning. The day concludes with laughter and stories around the fire and the sound of loon song as you drift off to sleep under the wheeling northern stars.

Day 4:

You will have the chance to enjoy a short sleep-in this morning OR the chance to cross an item off your bucket list and join the instructor for a sunrise paddle as the mists rise off the lake.  Rather than strike camp and travel today, we will be staying put to enjoy the beauty of where we are and to facilitate some skills-based learning to help complete the curriculum for the trip’s integrated certifications.  This may include a session on back-country baking, bush crafting knots and some more “paddling magic”.

Day 4 is a day for people to catch their breath, to be in the moment and to slow down as we truly enjoy the opportunity to be living right in the heart of Algonquin.

Day 5:  

Today we begin to move in the direction of home.  We will pack up our camp after a hearty breakfast and begin the final arc of the expedition.  This is a day that incorporates a series of challenges to use your new skill-set and to step into the leadership spotlight.

We will make our way towards an incredible campsite that will be home for our final night together and we will celebrate with a great supper of comfort food and satisfying treats.  This lake is home to many otters, moose, eagles herons and turtles.  Wildlife abounds!  It is truly a photographer’s dream.

Our final campfire together under the stars will provide the chance to look back over our shoulders at the incredible adventure we have shared and all the incredible memories and milestones that occurred along the way.

Day 6: 

As we wake up on our final day, there will be an opportunity for an early morning swim and a chance to soak up the essence of Algonquin.  We will paddle and portage our way back to the access point where we began to meet the organized transportation or people’s families for the drive back to the city.

Participants who are able to demonstrate the required skills will earn a Paddle Canada canoe certification as well as their wilderness camping certificate.

Note: Ground conditions, weather & group factors may lead to changes in the program by the guide(s). The goal is always to offer the best possible experience, but safety & wellbeing are always the priority and basis of all decisions made.


  • In keeping with COVID-19 guidelines and park regulations*, each program will have a maximum of 8 travellers and one Guide (if travellers are the same sex) or 7 travellers and 2 Guides if the group is co-ed (*subject to change).
  • Participants must be able to swim and pass a swim test.  Regardless of swimming ability, life jackets are mandatory at all times while on or near the water.
  • Participants must be 14-18 years old at the time of the program.
  • A packing list will be provided and participants are expected to arrive on Day 1 with all the necessary personal belongings on the packing list. Their belongings will be inspected and then be outfitted when they arrive to Algonquin (belongings placed in waterproof packs, etc…). 
  • Participants are expected to carry all their own belongings at all times as well as some of the communal gear. There are no porters or sherpas. 
  • Participants will be required to sign a waiver before starting the trip.

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