City Lights, Landing Sites & Chateaux – Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley

This itinerary provides a wonderful balance of food and wine experiences, historical sites, and scenic beauty across three of France’s most enchanting regions.
Explore historic sites and picturesque towns in normandy then wander the majestic chateaux of the loire valley.

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Best Time to Visit

For pleasant weather and comfortable exploration, spring (April-May) and fall (September-October) are ideal. Paris will be delightful with blooming gardens and comfortable temperatures. Normandy’s D-Day beaches will be less crowded, allowing for a more contemplative experience. The Loire Valley’s vibrant landscapes and charming châteaux will truly come alive during these seasons.

If historical exploration is your priority, summer (June-August) might be preferable. While busier, especially in Paris, the weather is perfect for exploring Normandy’s beaches and outdoor museums. However, be prepared for higher prices and larger crowds, particularly in popular tourist destinations.

Winter (November-March) offers a unique perspective, especially in Paris. The City of Lights takes on a magical atmosphere with festive decorations and fewer tourists.  However, some outdoor activities in Normandy might be limited due to weather, and some châteaux in the Loire Valley may have reduced hours or be closed entirely.


Arrive in Paris


Your journey begins with an opportunity to appreciate the incredible culinary traditions of France, starting where all great meals begin, in the Parisian food markets!  You’ll enjoy a guided food tour led by a local expert along one of the city’s famous Rues Piètonnes.  These small neighbourhood pedestrian streets are where Parisians flock to shop for local produce and the finest delicacies.  On the gastronomic tour, you’ll develop a deep appreciation of Paris’ vibrant neighbourhoods while sampling some of the finest French fare.  You will also enjoy the culinary experience of a lifetime during a cooking demonstration at the famous Cordon Bleu.

Suggested Accommodation: La Chambre du Marais


The travel consultants at G/Hardy Tours love Normandy!  We recommend staying in Bayeux, at the Hotel Lion D’Or, which is elegantly appointed and a perfect base for exploring the numerous historical sites of Normandy. Visit the D-Day landing beaches and the Caen Memorial Museum. Head out to Calvados and Camembert for a visit to a Camembert cheese farm for a tour and tasting, or a Calvados distillery such as Christian Drouin. Don’t miss a visit to the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont Saint Michel, the famed tidal island topped with a historic abbey. While GHardy recommends Bayeux, staying at the picturesque town of Honfleur is also a great option in Normandy, and a good location to experience the best of Normandy: its beautiful coastline, stunning art galleries and exceptional restaurants exemplifying the rural, seaside life. Visit Deauville, the iconic seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie. Deauville has been an upscale holiday destination since the 1800s and is well known for its grand casino, excellent golf courses, thrilling horse races, and annual American Film Festival. Spend your days walking along its wide, sandy beach and Les Planches, the 1920s boardwalk with original bathing cabins. Deauvillle is full of chic boutiques, elegant belle epoque villas and beautiful half-timbered buildings.
Suggested Accommodation: Hotel Lion D’Or

Loire Valley

Next stop, the captivating Loire Valley, starting with Tours, its vibrant gateway city. Explore its historic center on a walking tour, a prelude to the grand châteaux that await. Outside the city, you can marvel at the architectural masterpiece, Le Château de Chenonceau, and delve into the world of Loire Valley wines with a tasting in Vouvray, famed for its exceptional Chenin Blanc. Journey onwards to Saumur, a town steeped in history and renowned for its sparkling wines. Explore the town and its château, learning about its cavalry school legacy. Witness the grandeur of the Loire’s royal past at the château of the Dukes of Anjou and Chambord, the largest château in the region. Finally, visit Château d’Amboise, the 15th-century residence of King Charles VIII, where you’ll also find the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci. To truly live the Loire Valley dream, you’ll stay in the enchanting Château de Noirieux, a beautifully restored castle hotel.

Suggested Accommodation: Château de Noirieux


Transfer to, and depart from Paris

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