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GHT and Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)


GHT is proud to be the travel service provider for a number of ROMTravel trips. 

Together with ROMTravel (the travel programme run by the department of volunteers), GHT has a long history of supplying ROM with superlative group travel experiences for the museum’s members. 

A Tale of Three Cities
Budapest, Vienna, and Prague


October 2 to 15, 2023

A ROMTravel Art and Culture Trip

Join ROMTravel for “A Tale of Three Cities”. The European cities of Budapest, Vienna and Prague are renowned for their history, architecture, music, art, museums, and restaurants. Activities on land and river cruises in Budapest and Austria’s Wachau Valley will provide unique perspectives on life in the city and life in the countryside.
Christopher Hume, the former Architecture Critic and Urban Issues columnist for “Toronto Star” will provide expert insights.

Local cuisines, pastries and wines will tantalize the palate as you experience “café society” in these remarkable cities.

Belvedere Palace, Vienna