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Sample Itineraries & Ideas

If you’re planning on taking a group of students on a school trip, do it in style! Below is a sample of GHT’s most popular school trips and tours.


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Featured Tours:

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Blyth Academy International Summer – Costa Rica

Blyth Academy, Blyth Summer ProgrammesOffered by Blyth Academy with travel provided by Georgia Hardy Tours.

Spend your summer in Costa Rica and get a high school credit at the same time!


Greek island

Blyth Academy International Summer – Greece & Italy

Blyth Academy, Blyth Summer ProgrammesOffered by Blyth Academy with travel provided by Georgia Hardy Tours.

Spend your summer in Greece and Italy, and get a high school credit at the same time!


Knossos Temple, Greece

An Educational Odyssey in the Greek Islands: July 3- 26, 2023

Toronto Catholic District School BoardOffered by Toronto Catholic District School Board with travel provided by Georgia Hardy Tours.

Spend your summer in Greece and get a high school credit at the same time!


Europe Itinerary: Italy Tours

Classic Italy

Rome, Sorrento, Florence and Venice

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The ultimate journey across the Italian peninsula. And if you intend on exploring the ancient heart of Western Civilization, why not do it in civilized style?!

Stay in 4-star, centrally located hotels that offer an unrivaled opportunity to really experience each location. Expert local guides and the GHT representatives will make sure you and your students are able to enjoy the sites and sounds of every destination on the itinerary.

From Rome’s ancient magnificence, Sorrento’s awe-inspiring beauty, Florence’s Renaissance treasures, and Venice’s brilliance, this trip to Italy has it all!

Iceland Adventures

Adventure in Iceland

Reykjavik, Hveraverdi, Hvolsvöllir, Skaftafell National Park

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Visit Iceland’s thriving capital, Reykjavik, and venture into the otherworldly interior on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Vast lava fields, steaming volcanoes and bubbling geothermal pools crowned by the historic Viking city of Reykjavik – Iceland is a wonder to behold. Explore the island’s hidden treasures on this comprehensive adventure tour.


Golden Triangle India

India’s Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

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Experience the Indian capital, the majestic Taj Mahal, and Jaipur – the famous “Pink City”. Dazzling and unpredictable, captivating and colourful, India is a land of wonders that calls to the adventurous spirit. Known as the “Golden Triangle,” the popular Delhi-Agra-Jaipur circuit exemplifies the natural beauty and rich cultural history of the region.


France and Italy Tours

France and Italy

Rome, Florence, Nice and Paris

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La Dolce Vita or Le Joie de Vivre? Both! An amazing trip that starts and ends in two of Europe’s greatest capital cities with stops enroute to immerse yourself in the heart of Tuscany and the famous French Riviera.

Designed to take in the glamour and excitement that France and Italy are renowned for – not to mention the incredibly rich art, history and culture – this trip will leave you and your students with a memorable journey across the Mediterranean’s two most enticing countries!

Scotland Travel: Duke of Ed Scotland Journey

Duke of Ed Scotland Journey

Glasgow, West Highlands

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The Scottish West Highlands is the site of this wilderness camping excursion where participants will hone outdoor skills, work as a team, and tackle this outdoor challenge. “Freedom to Roam” is set in Scottish law and we invite you to roam the wilderness and achieve your personal GOLD Adventurous Journey goal!


Costa Rica Vacations: Summer 2020

Costa Rica Summer

San Jose, La Fortuna, Tenorio, Las Pailas, M. Antonio

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Beautiful, verdant Costa Rica has a well-deserved reputation as the #1 destination in Central America for students looking for an ecologically and culturally rich travel adventure.


Costa Rica Vacations: Summer 2020

Camping in Algonquin Park

Lakes & waterways of Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada

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The Rugged Wilderness Awaits – Explore the Canadian Wilderness by Canoe while Backcountry Camping!


Magnificent England

Magnificent England

London and Oxford

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Rich in history, culture and monarchy, England is the ideal destination for student groups. And there’s no language barrier!

History, art, architecture, commerce, music, theatre, drama – London literally has it ALL! From the depository of the world’s greatest treasures at the British Museum, to the bustling West End theatres, London never stops, and the tremendous opportunities for cultural and academic enrichment for you and your students are endless.

Bath, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Stonehenge, and Windsor are all easy day trips that can make this trip a true celebration of the best England has to offer!

Spain Travel


Madrid, Costa del Sol, Grenada and Sevilla

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Olé! Mysterious and exotic, Spain is an exuberant mosaic of different cultures and traditions that have fused to become one of Europe’s most interesting countries.

From the neoclassical splendor of Madrid’s regal parks and boulevards to the sun-drenched beaches of the Costa Del Sol, this trip is in exploration of the heart of Spain and fiery Andalusia. Enrich yourself and your students in Grenada and gaze in awe at the Alhambra, an evocative reminder of Spain’s Moorish history. In Seville, tour the immense Alcazar – one of Europe’s most impressive royal palaces – and imagine the Golden Era of Spain, when Columbus discovered the New World at the behest of the monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella.

Stay in beautiful hotels that are right in the city centres or on the beach, and discover Spain’s fun-filled way of life!

WW1 Battlefield


Paris, Normandy and London

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Follow the battle lines in the two most significant wars of the 20th Century in which Canada and America played such vital roles. This special tour is designed to begin in Paris and Versailles, sites of the 1919 Peace Conference and Peace Treaty.

After exploring the heart of Paris, then move to the horrors of the WWI trenches at Vimy Ridge, where the iconic Memorial is a poignant reminder of the great sacrifice made by the men of the “lost generation”. Continue onto Normandy for an examination of the WWII landing beaches, Dieppe, and the Pegasus Bridge.

Finally, visit London and tour the headquarters of the Allied Forces in WWII and gain an understanding of how the populace and country survived the war-effort.

In addition to the focus on military history and the impact on the nationhood of Canada and the USA, this itinerary can be customized to include many additional important cultural and historical sites not directly associated with the Wars.

Greece Travel Tours

Ancient Greece & Greek Islands

Athens, Delphi, Crete or Rhodes

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The heart of antiquity and the foundations of Western Civilization can be found in Greece, as well as some of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque islands! From the incomparable Acropolis with the breath-taking Parthenon to the bustling streets of the Plaka, Athens is a must for any teacher or student of history and philosophy.

Located in site of mythical Mt. Olympus, legend states that Delphi is the cradle of the world, where the divine meets the earth and the Oracle rules. Regardless, the impressive amphitheater and evocative ruins will lead every visitor to marvel at the ingenuity of the ancient Greeks.

Cruise across the sparkling waters to Crete and/or Rhodes, where fabulous beaches combine with ancient cultures and ruins to create a truly memorable odyssey!

Greece Travel Tours

Mallorca & Barcelona

Palma de Mallorca, Santuari de Lluc, Costa Brava, Barcelona

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This European trip is a very diverse mix of adventure, hiking, and culture in stunning insta-worthy locations in Spain.

Experience the stunning mountains and coastline of Mallorca, Spain’s largest Balearic Island, before cruising the Mediterranean by ferry to reach Barcelona. Once in Catalonia, we explore coastal cliffs and dive deep into Barcelona’s rich cultural life. This is an ideal European tour, program for teens, or family vacation.


Greece Travel Tours

Hiking Odyssey to Mount Olympus

Summit the highest and most mythical mountain in Greece

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Towering above the Aegean Sea stands one of the most famous mountains in Europe: Mount Olympus. Mythical home to the ancient Greek gods, Mt. Olympus is visible for miles around and is the highest peak in Greece. A World Biosphere Preserve, Mt. Olympus is noted for its rich biodiversity and flora.

Olympus is a mountain that has held the attention of mankind for thousands of years. Dotted with welcoming mountain refuges and with dozens of summits accessible to walkers, the Mount Olympus massif is far more than just the main summit. It’s a mountain range that deserves your time.