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Georgia Hardy Tours: educational travel and custom tours for schools, organizations, families, and lifelong learners of all ages.

For all of us at Georgia Hardy Tours, travel has always meant more than vacation. Travel isn’t sipping margaritas around a crowded hotel pool. And student tours are never “same old same old’ bus trips to tired and over-touristed destinations.

We do travel a little differently. Learning, luxury, personal growth and transformative experiences are always central to the very special tours we arrange.

Our custom-made travel itineraries ensure you step outside the ordinary to gain knowledge, a fresh perspective and even enlightenment.

Expect a physically, spiritually, and mentally stimulating immersion into another culture or geographic locale. Expert-led lectures and enthralling site interpretation. Behind the scenes access to museums, monuments, or even palaces. Special experiences with the local people.  Skills-building activities and unique experiences. These are all tasty ingredients in our trip planning cookbook.

  • Maybe your travel vision includes mountaineering in the craggy Scottish West Highlands?
  • A world class opera performance in Palermo, Sicily?
  • A secret climb up weathered, spiral steps to the turret of a medieval castle in Burgundy?

These are the experiences we love to create!

Our tours are designed to inspire lightbulb moments, those personal epiphanies. When gazing out at the azure blue of the Adriatic on a Greek isle, a DaVinci masterpiece in Florence, fields of white crosses near the haunted beaches of Normandy – or the thick mist over the Costa Rican rain forest – you are uplifted, transported and somehow changed forever.

Journeys of meaning, learning and purpose. That’s what we do best.

Our clients are teachers and youth trip organizers, cultured travellers, family members, adventurers, cosmopolitan world citizens. Anyone seeking an enriched and extraordinary travel experience.

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Canada Adventures

Break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself on a soul-stirring and exhilarating expedition, volunteer or learning experience abroad.


Educational Trips and Tours for Schools and Youth Groups

Educational Trips and Tours for Schools and Youth Groups

Educate and inspire your students on a “wow factor” trip where everything is expertly managed.


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Expert-Led Learning & Specialty Tours for Individuals & Groups

Feed your fascination for fine art, battlefields, classical music and more… on one of our specialist-led travel journeys.


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Unforgettable Adventures Abroad for Families

Deepen family bonds in an exotic locale with a tailor-made trip for a milestone event, reunion or family holiday.


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Georgia Hardy Tours designs custom tours for groups of all types and sizes


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