Choose the Right Travel Company:

Georgia Hardy Tours is a specialist in educational travel.

Not all travel companies are created equal, and you want to find the company that is best for you. We design trips that are as unique as our travellers, but we approach trip planning with an underlying question:

What do you want to learn and experience?

There are plenty of travel companies offering all kinds of different travel options.  We want you to be a supremely satisfied customer and with that in mind, urge you to consider working with GHT who has more than 25 years in crafting inspiring itineraries with your specific travel criteria in mind.   Travel is a funny thing…a big ticket item that involves your valuable time.  Yet often, travellers either don’t do enough research or choose to travel with a company that doesn’t have their particular needs in mind.

When you look at price comparisons that many companies use, take a hard look at the accompanying level of quality.  If you are paying rock-bottom prices for a European journey – or the price just looks too good to be true – then be prepared for a sub-standard trip with lack of service.  Your precious vacation time is fleeting, and a week of your life spent on a trip that doesn’t meet your expecations is regrettable (and alas non-refundable).  GHT asks the right questions well in advance to know your expectations and then builds a trip to meet and exceed them perfectly.

Every time.

“My daughter had an absolutely fantastic time and says it was the best experience of her life.  She loved it all.  The teachers were terrific, the course very interesting, the travel and tours were great!”

Aurora, Ontario

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