What Makes Georgia Hardy Tours Different?

Why Us? What Makes Georgia Hardy Tours Different?

Six Reasons Georgia Hardy Tours
Soars Above the Rest


When it comes to superior tour management, the proof is in the precision. What truly distinguishes us as a trusted travel firm is our obsessive attention to detail. After all, the wrong departure time, incorrect hotel details—or inaccurate site information—could add undue stress to your trip. We are ‘masters of administrative protocols’, ‘titans of triple-checked itineraries’, and experts in the flawless execution of well-planned travel experiences.

Most importantly, we ensure full transparency about all hotels, flight details and even restaurants 11 months in advance of your departure. We also provide our clients with an hourly breakdown of all travel activities two months before departure. With us, nothing is left up to chance.


Whether you are planning a first-rate learning trip for school kids, young adults, or inquiring minds of any age, we’ve got the specialized expertise you need. Educational travel has been our focus for almost 40 years. For us, that means engaging experts and dynamic, knowledgeable guides. Engrossing cultural and historic sites. Plus, those immersive and “behind the scenes” experiences that add spark, unique insights and meaning to any educational trip. That’s what we do best. Expect an enriched travel itinerary with plenty of extras to ensure your group a stimulating and extraordinary learning adventure.


At Georgia Hardy Tours, it’s your trip, your way. We never try to sell you into a pre-packaged tour that doesn’t quite match your travel style, trip priorities and true desires. Instead, we dig deep, asking questions to learn your travel dreams, your must-see sites, ideal experiences and preferred activities. If you’re not sure, we’ll inspire you with a ton of ideas. From there, we custom-create an inspiring itinerary that fits your needs and fires your passion. For those with a large student group or family gathering to arrange, we custom-create very special tours geared to check the boxes with everyone.


A private yacht off the Amalfi coast. A champagne picnic in a flowering Provençal meadow. An après ski, Michelin-star meal in the Swiss Alps. Whatever indulgent, off-the-charts travel experiences spark your imagination, we can make them reality. Look to us to concoct an exquisite and bespoke journey for your small group with plenty of flourishes to please even the most refined of travel palettes. 


With Georgia Hardy Tours, our involvement does not end when your plane takes off. We stay involved each step of the way to ensure everything transpires as expected, without a hitch. We pour tireless research and tremendous care into each and every tour we arrange. What’s more, we always stay vigilant, looking out to ensure our travellers are happy and fully enjoying every stage of the journey.


At Georgia Hardy Tours, our Trip Journals allow live blogging and picture posting on our website. That means parents, schoolmates and friends can follow any given trip as it transpires. It also encourages kids to actively document and communicate all their wonderful experiences along the way.With Georgia Hardy Tours you get superlative quality at a very affordable price. Because of our excellent connections and worldwide networks, we’re able to deliver the very best for less.  We heartily believe that meaningful travel should be within everyone’s reach, regardless of budget. To than end, we deliver quality travel experiences at a very fair and reasonable price. How do we do it? Well, we are a smaller organization with a small and expert staff of employees. We don’t work from big glitzy offices or run expensive advertising campaigns. Our low overhead means we can pass on tremendous value to our customers at all levels.

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