Age of Exploration:
Portugal & Spain

Delve into the stunning and diverse Spanish culture with an eye-opening and uplifting tour through museums, festivities, and all there is to love about Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

Embark on an unforgettable school trip through the captivating Iberian Peninsula, where the history, culture, and vibrant traditions of Spain and Portugal come alive in the enchanting cities of Lisbon, Seville, Granada, and Barcelona.

Begin your educational adventure in Lisbon, Portugal’s picturesque capital. Dive into the country’s rich history as you and your students explore the historic district of Alfama and marvel at the stunning Jerónimos Monastery. Discover Portugal’s maritime legacy at the Maritime Museum and take in breathtaking views from São Jorge Castle. Delight your taste buds with pastéis de nata and other delicious Portuguese treats.

Cross into Spain and arrive in Seville, a city brimming with flamenco rhythms and architectural marvels. Explore the Alcazar Palace’s stunning Moorish architecture and the towering Giralda bell tower. Witness the passion of flamenco during an unforgettable performance, and stroll or bike through the enchanting Barrio Santa Cruz.

Next, travel to Granada, where the Alhambra Palace stands as a testament to the fusion of Moorish and Spanish cultures. Wander through the ancient streets of the Albaicín district, enjoy traditional Andalusian cuisine, and experience the magic of the Generalife Gardens.

Your journey concludes in Barcelona, a city celebrated for its avant-garde art and stunning architecture. Marvel at the surreal beauty of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces, including the iconic Sagrada Familia and whimsical Park Güell. Explore the historic Gothic Quarter, stroll along the bustling Ramblas, and savour the flavours of Catalonia in local markets.


This superlative school trip offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the rich history, language, and culture of both Spain and Portugal. From Lisbon’s maritime heritage to Seville’s flamenco passion, Granada’s Moorish legacy, and Barcelona’s artistic innovations, this educational adventure promises to be a transformative experience filled with discovery and inspiration.

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