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From cultural immersion college travel programs to hands-on high school travel experiences with locals, we help teachers, educators, experts and lecturers craft the perfect student programs that will transform the way students learn. GHardy Tours offers high-quality, customized educational trips with a wide range of destinations to choose from.

Ready to lead a life-changing student trip?

Leading a life-changing student trip is an exciting and fulfilling experience for a teacher. With GHardy tours, educators can make student travel planning easier and stress-free.

Whether you’re organizing high school travel programs or an overseas trip for college students, we provide comprehensive services to help you design the perfect itinerary for your students that encompasses learning activities and fun experiences.

Our tailored educational tours are designed to bring students out of their comfort zone and into new worlds where they can explore different cultures, gain knowledge, and have the opportunity to make lifelong memories with their peers.

From start to finish, our travel programs will empower your students with a greater appreciation for other cultures and peoples. Our commitment to service excellence always puts safety first so that you can feel confident in giving your students a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget.

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Our top International destinations.

Icelands Fire & Ice

An unforgettable tour to volcanic Iceland where you'll discover the extraordinary geological wonders.

Costa Rica’s Coast & Volcanos

Lush biodiversity and captivating scenery mean visitors can immerse in rainforests, jungles, and beaches with a plethora of wellness and adventure activities to choose from.

Classic Civilizations: Greece & Italy

Greece and Italy are the two cradles of Classical Civilization, where history, art, and culture come to life against a backdrop of ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes.

Battlefields: France, Belgium, & the Netherlands

Embark on a poignant journey and follow in the footsteps of heroic allied soldiers through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Age of Exploration:
Portugal & Spain

Delve into the stunning and diverse Spanish culture with an eye-opening and uplifting tour through museums, festivities, and all there is to love about Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

Beautiful British Columbia

From the alpine slopes of Whistler to the pounding waves on the Pacific coast, BC offers memorable journeys that incorporate the best Canada has to offer.

Our 7-step method to planning your school trip:

We understand that planning high school travel programs can be an overwhelming task. That's why we've created a comprehensive 7-step method to make the process easier and more efficient.

Step 1 - Consultation Meeting

We will first meet to discuss your tour and gain an understanding of your vision and expectations for your trip. We will also review your budget and discuss any special requirements from you or your students that may need to be incorporated into the itinerary.

We will provide feedback and guidance on how best to accomplish your travel goals.

Step 2 - Proposal Development

Once all the information has been gathered, our travel professionals take the utmost care when crafting your itinerary, carefully mapping out every detail 12-18+ months in advance.

We provide all of the necessary information you need — airline schedules and routes, hotels and accommodations with space specifically blocked for your group, and restaurant recommendations tailored to fit any taste buds, all while breaking down each day so that no stone is left unturned!

Step 3 : Curriculum Alignment
Our in-house OCT-certified Educational Consultant reviews the proposed itinerary and provides feedback, if requested, to perfectly align with the Canadian curriculum at any grade level.
Step 4 : Approval Process

We provide comprehensive guidance and support for teachers to get their trip approved by the principal, superintendent and/or risk officer. School administration approval can be a tedious task. Let us simplify your journey by providing all the necessary documentation and materials upfront to guarantee an exciting, safe, educational trip that meets risk and curriculum guidelines — without delays!

Step 5 : Sales Support

Let GHardy Tours make your tour launch and marketing a breeze! We provide beautiful digital brochures, host an information meeting for prospective students and their parents, designate a dedicated GHardy Tours client care team member to answer all parent questions prior to departure, manage insurance requests and all payments, deliver regular sales updates, and hold a pre-departure meeting to review all details with parents and students — we’ll have you covered from start to finish.

Step 6 : On-Tour Management

Our specialized tour directors understand you and your students’ style, making sure every journey is an incredible experience.

We provide support while abroad so that all of your needs are taken care of; from local guides to enhanced programming, our team will make sure it’s unforgettable. Discover the wonders of a new destination with GHardy Tours!

Step 7 : Post Tour Follow-Up

We care deeply about your tour and follow up to make sure it exceeds your expectations!- it’s why so many happy customers come back year after year. We always want to refine and enhance the trip planning process and personalize it to your satisfaction!

The benefits of working
with GHardy Tours.

As an educator, you have the power to open your student's eyes to new experiences. With GHardy Tours, high school and college travel programs are taken to a whole new level.

Our team of travel consultants understands that each student has unique needs, learning styles, and interests. This means we build customized high school and college trips that have an educational focus yet still provide plenty of opportunities for fun.

Safety and security are paramount. GHardy Tours carefully plans and designs tours with your comfort and student safety at the forefront of every decision. This translates into better airline routes, coach companies with professional English-speaking drivers and wifi-enabled, superior hotels in the best location, and restaurants that are allergy-aware and understand unique student dietary requirements.

travel experiences.

Discover unique cultures, breathtaking views, and amazing local attractions as you make memories with your fellow travellers that will last a lifetime.

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Our Recommendations

We believe that no two trips should be alike, which is why our experienced staff always aim to find new ways for students to explore the world and get inspired by different cultures.

Are you looking for week-long college travel programs in a bustling metropolis or a month-long journey through Europe? Our team has got you covered — We help educators book flights and hotels and arrange guided excursions with knowledgeable local tour guides.

GHardy Tours knows the world inside and out. With years of experience under our belts, whether you’re looking for a vibrant cultural exchange or high school travel programs filled with thrilling adventure in an exotic locale, our team can recommend unique destinations to bring your classroom to life.

Start making your student travel dream an exciting reality.

Regardless of your destination, GHardy Tours will help you create high school and college travel programs that optimize learning adventures, build lasting connections and create unforgettable memories. Our travel agents will give you expert advice on the best time of year to visit each location to get the most out of it.

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