Costa Rica’s Coast & Volcanos

Lush biodiversity and captivating scenery mean visitors can immerse in rainforests, jungles, and beaches with a plethora of wellness and adventure activities to choose from.

Blessed with staggering tropical forests that roll down to equally stunning coastlines Pura Vida—a catchphrase for appreciation, relaxation, and blissed-out simplicity—is the way of life in Costa Rica!

This tropical wonderland is where nature, biodiversity, vibrant culture, and sustainable living come together to deliver a captivating adventure and wellness tour for teachers and students looking to expand their horizons.

Costa Rica is home to six different kinds of rainforest, with nearly 25 percent of the entire country consisting of untouched primary protected parks. These ecosystems offer an extraordinarily diverse array of flora and fauna, including howler and spider monkeys, sloths, multiple species of toucans and macaws, and thousands of species of trees. La Fortuna is the town lying at the base of the awe-inspiring (dormant) Arenal Volcano. Explore the lush landscapes on guided hikes through Arenal National Park, where lava fields and natural hot springs offer unforgettable experiences. Learn about the importance of sustainable tourism and conservation efforts in this volcanic region with expert nature guides.  

Continue your journey to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast, where rainforests meet pristine beaches. Discover the incredible biodiversity through guided tours, spotting monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds. Learn about Costa Rica’s commitment to protecting its natural treasures and preserving its coastal ecosystems, and how other countries can learn from Costa Rica’s stellar conservation efforts.

The adventure continues with zipline canopy tours, kayaking excursions, hiking to tropical waterfalls, and optional surfing lessons. Under the watchful eye of trained guides, students can safely and securely push their boundaries to not only actively learn more about the unique environment around them, but also themselves.


Throughout this school trip, students will gain insight into sustainable practices, eco-tourism, and the importance of conservation. Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes, from volcanic peaks to tropical rainforests and Pacific coastlines, provide a living classroom for ecological studies.

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