Travel Insurance… Do You REALLY Need It?

In a word, YES!  

Georgia Hardy Tours cannot stress enough how important it is that you’re covered in the event you need to cancel your trip for medical reasons, develop medical issues while abroad, or encounter travel delays or weather related cancellations.

To consider booking a trip without travel insurance is risky. Yet people often choose not to pay the extra fee, or assume they won’t need it.  If this sounds like you, have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? We have, and encounter Murphy all the time. Travel Insurance exists to protect the traveller, so please protect yourself and ensure you have adequate coverage.

If you have coverage through your employer, credit card, or private plan, read the fine print to make sure it is sufficient to cover you for the entirety of your trip abroad, and it provides the leval of coverage you require or expect.

Georgia Hardy Tours offers clients affordable medical and comprehensive travel insurance.  Email us to learn more.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance, like most insurance policies is very detailed. Georgia Hardy Tours receives many questions about coverage. Please click here for a summary from GHT’s Insurance provider, Reliable Life Insurance (T.I.P.S.)

Please note: There are many different kids of travel insurance, with varying degrees of coverage. You may already have a comprehensive insurance plan through your employer or credit card. You may already have an annual coverage plan that protects you and your children. If you don’t know if you have travel insurance and/or what the degree of coverage is, please take the time to find out.

“The Georgia Hardy Tours staff are so helpful at making sense of insurance! They helped us every step of the way.

And I’m glad we did purchase insurance – we had to use emergency medical services on our trip to Italy and the bill would have been astronomical if insurance hadnt taken care of it.”




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Purchasing Travel Insurance

If you do not have travel insurance and would like to purchase travel insurance for the duration of your GHT trip, we’ll happily arrange it for you.  Typically, insurance is based on the traveller’s age, the duration of the trip, and the amount being insured (ie: the cost of your trip). We’ll get a quote for you before you purchase so you know exactly the price and what you’ll be covered for.

There are two kinds of optional insurance GHT provides for adults (age 30+):
  1. Non-Medical Plans (includes trip cancellation, interuption, and baggage) → Click here for PDF
  2. All Inclusive Plans (includes the above, PLUS medical coverage) → Click here for PDF

Student Travel Insurance

GHT offers the Youth Premier Package Plan (medical, cancellation, and trip interruption).

The “Ultimate Upgrade”

The Ultimate Upgrade is a rider that can be added to Adult or Youth policies for an additional fee. The Ultimate Upgrade offers enhanced benefits in the case of “unforseen” events that could prevent you from travelling or cause your trip to be interrupted. The Ultimate Upgrade covers political instability or world events in the instance Foreign Affairs Canada does NOT issue an official Travel Advisory.

Foreign Affairs Canada Travel Advisories

The Government of Canada provides travel advice and country-specific information on safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health conditions and other important travel issues. Click here to be re-directed to the official website. Click here for country specific travel advisories.

Note: in the absence of an official Canadian Government Travel Advisory of “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” or“Avoid All Travel”, trips and tours that are voluntarily cancelled due to fear of worldwide events are not covered under insurance. Only in the case of official advisories applicable for the time of the planned travel will insurance benefits apply under“Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption”.

However, if travellers opt for the Ultimate Upgrade, unforseen events causing disruption in a city, region or country during the time of planned travel and Canada does not have a travel advisory in effect, cancellation or trip interruption would likely be covered under the enhanced Ultimate Upgrade policy.

Finally, although you probably won’t need insurance, you’ll be very happy you have it if the need arises.  And very unhappy (with a lighter pocketbook no less) if you don’t and need to cancel or require medical attention while abroad.


Are you a resident or citizen outside of Ontario, Canada?

If so, please click here for special rates.


Georgia Hardy Tours adheres STRICTLY to its cancellation policy.

Carefully read the Terms and Conditions at the time of booking. If you are still prepared to chance losing your deposits and payments, then proceed with NOT buying travel insurance.

Please note: If you do need to cancel your trip and have chosen to NOT be covered by insurance, we sympathize, but are very sorry we can’t help you recover your costs.