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Georgia Hardy Tours: educational travel and custom tours for schools, organizations, families, and lifelong learners of all ages.

At Georgia Hardy Tours, we make planning a trip for your students effortless and unforgettable. With almost 40 years as Canadian pioneers in student travel, we have truly mastered the art of the school trip.

Curriculum related? Music, sports, language or cultural? Credit course abroad? Elementary, high school or university?

Whatever age, stage or trip focus, our student travel experts will work with you to develop an itinerary that is detailed, immersive, exciting—and ticks all the right boxes with your kids and your administration.

Experiential education is at the heart of every school trip we arrange. Certainly, our student tours feature iconic sites, great guides and excellent accommodations, but there’s a lot more. From community engagement, critical thinking and development of leadership skills, to creating time for reflection to process and relate experiences to issues studied at school… our tours embrace it all.

There’s a good reason so many teachers like you love us. We’ve been helping teachers win over their kids and their board by organizing stellar student trips that garner rave reviews, year after year. Look to us for high quality and immersive student travel experiences that exceed your expectations, while igniting the imaginations of young travellers.

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Ready to lead a life-changing student trip?

Whatever learning journey you would like to lead, let us make it effortless, smooth and easy for you. We’ll work out all the details to ensure it unfolds fabulously and flawlessly.


Six Reasons Georgia Hardy Tours Is a Smarter Choice for Student Travel

Superior City Centre Accommodations

An important part of the journey is where your students lay down their heads each night and arise each morning. We select quality hotels in close proximity to the sites you will visit to ensure maximum time touring and learning each day. In fact, every school trip we organize includes superior, carefully vetted accommodations that are located in convenient city-centre locations. Restaurants, as well, are carefully screened by us for quality, proximity to sites – and menu items that appeal to North American teens!

Extensive Experience

Almost 40 years of experience creating flawless and extraordinary school trip itineraries to destinations in North America, Europe, and around the world. Our founder Georgia Hardy established this company to focus solely on school trips – and that’s what we still do best.

Exceptional Guides & Experts

A great site interpreter can open young minds and colour a destination like few other things can. We have the expert resources and knowledgeable guides you need to ensure students are challenged and engaged – and that sites, lessons and history leap off the page.

Transparency and Attention to Detail

As masters of logistics, our travel experts ensure your trip is carefully planned down to the fine details. Nothing is left to chance, and you will know precisely what is happening each hour of the journey. Our itineraries are designed to maximize trip value, enjoyment and smooth flow. As well, our dedicated experts ensure the trip runs smoothly, keeping a watchful eye as the trip unfolds, in case we need to accommodate any last-minute changes. What’s more, we ensure full transparency about all hotels, flight information and restaurants 11 months in advance of your departure. We also provide an hourly breakdown of all travel activities two months before departure. With us, nothing is left up to chance.

Safety & Security

Georgia Hardy Tours makes travel safety a top priority in every trip we organize. We ensure all our procedures meet and exceed board standards. Our health and safety policies are upheld through rigorous risk mitigation, safety preparedness and crisis management.

Trip Journals

At Georgia Hardy Tours, our Trip Journals allow live blogging and picture posting on our website. That means parents, schoolmates and friends can follow any given trip as it transpires. It also encourages kids to actively document and communicate all their wonderful experiences along the way.

“I have loved both my school trips with Georgia Hardy Tours to Nice and Paris, France!

I will never forget one of my students leading us through the Musee d’Orsay with great enthusiasm, showing us paintings and architectural features, all in French.

Later that day we toured Cartier Jewelers and visited the rare book room in the library at the Sorbonne. That was just one day in Paris!”


Peel District School Board, Mississauga

“Anyone who has ever organized an international school trip for 15-50 teenagers knows precisely how much work is involved, how many million moving parts are involved, and how absolutely critical it is that everything run seamlessly…

Georgia Hardy Tours does this so well… they are adept at bringing visionary dreams to life. They take care of the smallest of details, help to creatively solve issues, and answer all of my millions of questions with patience and guidance.

I also appreciate the fact that they are open, up front, and honest about what will and not work and that they are always available when I need them.

If you want a trustworthy, honest, experienced company who take care of every detail so that a trip runs smoothly, you will want to work with Georgia Hardy Tours.”

Independent schoolteacher

Vancouver, BC

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